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Blackout USA Review – Does It Really Work?

Posted by admin on February 22, 2017

Blackout USA Review

If you are a wide reader and checked out a few YouTube videos, then chances are you have read about ‘Blackout USA’. But if this concept is somewhat new to you, then this review can definitely help you understand an emergency situation, and in the process prepare for this and protect yourself and your family’s life. According to many experts and writers, a blackout will often lasts for a few hours, and it can take a day. For many, this is not a problem and not a cause for concern. But what if we tell you that the lights and power will not come back for days, months or even years? Are you prepared for this situation where the country is rendered powerless? Are you ready and prepared for this kind of emergency situation?

Blackout USA 1

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We know that this can be dangerous and a cause for concern, but the good news is that there are people out there and books like Blackout USA that can help you prepare for this emergency.

Yes, an emergency blackout has happened before see Blackout USA. And in my experience, this happened during the 1990s when one region lost power for a long period of time because of a massive winter. This was a time when the residents were left out in the cold literally, and they are all struggling to keep themselves warm. Well, the only thing that is not a problem for them is keeping the food fresh! Today, we are now prepared and have the right tools to prepare for this kind of emergency. But sadly, people from other countries and regions are not well-prepared and are not informed on the right way to prepare for an emergency. And if there’s someone or a group of people with evil intentions, and they decided to hit our power systems with an electromagnetic pulse or EMP, then the people who are unprepared can get hit, and they will suffer. Well, this emergency is not something that we want to happen to us. But in case it happens, it is best that we are prepared for it, and we know what to do by learning in Blackout USA.

Just imagine what will happen after an EMP hits the grid- you will not be able to complete the usual tasks and entertainment that define your daily life. For example, you cannot make calls, send e-mails or watch news because the signals are down! This means that you can go back to the basics, like living the life of the early people. For example, you will prepare food in the most basic way, like cooking meat over open fire. You will also need to learn how to prepare and preserve the food, since you cannot depend on the refrigerator. Yes, this can be a challenge for many people out there. This emergency can really frustrate and scare many individuals but we can get through this by learning Blackout USA.

Introducing the Blackout USA by Alex Deacon

But, there is a way out of this emergency, and you can actually prepare for these problems. The answers can be found in the e-book, Blackout USA’, written by Alex Deacon. This is an e-book that can be downloaded on your computer, and available as a hard copy too (of course), in case of emergencies. According to other reviews and based on the content that we have covered, this e-book and material was a product of collaboration with a professor, Charles Green, who was known to lived off the grid, and learned the lifestyle and technique of the Amish communities. In short, the contents of the Blackout USA e-book are based on the ideas of the Amish, so we can say thank you to these communities. Although we may not share some of their religious beliefs, but we can learn many things from them, especially when it comes to living the simple life.

Ideas and Concepts Covered by Blackout USA

So what are the things you can get and learn from the e-book called Blackout USA? Get the following information and details from the e-book:

  • With this helpful Blackout USA e-book, you will learn how to protect and use your electronics, even in an emergency event, like an EMP attack
  • Here, you will get guides and information that can help you preserve food and other food-related supplies
  • If you will read this, you can learn how to operate your service vehicle, even though an EMP attack has damaged its circuits
  • Yes, you can also generate power if you read this. Also, you will learn how to source your own water

Blackout USA Conclusions

These are just some of the crucial information that you can learn from Deacon’s new e-book. The idea of EMP may seem far-fetched, but it can happen in the future, and it can affect your lifestyle. It is always better to be ready for these kinds of emergencies, than be caught unaware. The Blackout USA by Deacon is a helpful book and resource that you can read on your free time, which can become your guide and savior in case of emergencies.

Blackout USA

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Blackout USA Review – Is It A Scam?

Posted by admin on February 18, 2017

Blackout USA Review

There are a number of courses available that teaches a person on survivability and the tools for living. But only a few courses online can be considered unique, just like Blackout USA. Blackout USA is an apocalyptic scenario that has been put forward by Alex Deacon,of In this unique course, Deacon argued that there will come a time when America will be challenged and wiped out, and millions of Americans will die in the process. The thesis of Deacon is an Electro-Magnetic Pulse or EMP, and according to him, there’s a big chance that this will happen, and all of the electronics that are used today will be rendered useless. There are a number of ways on how this can happen- this can be done through a terrorist attack, or through solar flares. Whatever is the triggering factor, this apocalyptic scenario will happen in 12 to 13 months, and more than 281 Americans will die in the process.

Blackout USA 1

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For a person to be saved from this incident, Deacon recommends that learning the course since most of the teachings are focused on living off the grid. The suggestions are based on a ‘weird professor’, Charles Green, who became part of an Amish community to learn the basic tricks on how to live off the grid. In short, by reading this Blackout USA resource, you will learn:

  • Critical electronics and devices that you need to survive
  • Steps on how to assemble a device that will withstand an EMP
  • Tricks on how to preserve your food
  • Recommendations on what medicines and foods that should be present at all times
  • How to be protected from violent looters
  • Learn tricks on how to keep you appliances and cars running after an incident
  • Effective strategies on how to protect your home.

In short, this course can teach you the tricks on how to survive in case an EMP occurs.

The Blackout USA Story

The Blackout USA is similar to a doomsday scenario, this time it comes with a different challenge to humanity. This has been shown in movies, that when faced with a crisis, there’s someone who will find ways to address the problem. In in this case, it was Deacon who succeeded in finding the man that can help humanity. If one has to be wise and informed, this incident that is painted by Deacon may not happen at all. And the reason for its existence is that Deacon may have collected just the right amount of materials to create a compelling e-book. And if indeed this is true and helpful to humanity, it would be better is this is available for free.

Is it Worth Your Time and Money?

As an informed reader and consumer online, is it really factual, and is it worth your money? Based on the available information that we have collated about the Blackout USA, we cannot tell for certainty if the material or resource is worth your time and attention.

Is There a Chance that an EMP Will Happen?

Although Deacon of Blackout USA has painted an apocalyptic horror story, the idea of an electronic pulse that will knock down all devices and machines is difficult to believe. If indeed that this will happen (for the sake of argument), the results or the impact may not be as damaging, as usually painted and described by Hollywood movies. The reason, according to Information Week, is that this incident will have minimal effect on shorter wires Also, the effects of EMP are reduced inside steel-framed buildings or cars, or even underground. The pulse will not be felt in materials like co-axial cables and fiber optics. And the government itself, through the Pentagon, has been improving its defenses against this specific threat. But there’s a chance that state and local governments may not be as prepared. Even the New York Times has claimed that in 1983, the computers and communication devices of the military has been shielded from this threat. Based on this information, it can be said that EMP will not become a problem.

Pricing and Refund Information for Blackout USA

This Blackout USA e-book is available for $49, and be downloaded instantly. But if you add the course to your card, and try ordering on the page, the price is reduced to $29. On top of this e-book, you will also received other helpful resources, like ‘How to Make Your Own Pharmacy’ and ‘Off-Grid Home Protection Systems’. You will also be given easy access to the official site. This comes with a 60-day refund, and payment is processed through Avangate. For refunds, you may need to call (888) 247-1614.

Blackout USA Conclusion

Even if we don’t read the whole Blackout USA e-book, it is difficult to fully say that this material can help you. And since the massive effects are not likely to occur, and the supplier fails to provide a clear customer support, we recommend that you should rethink your plans to sign up for this Blackout USA e-book.

Blackout USA

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